Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Old School Gamers Looking For a Group

Does anyone know of any regular Old School style campaigns played over Google+ or Skype that happen to be looking for new players?  Anything happening even remotely close to the GMT times-zone would do. I'd offer to start up a new game myself, but I don't have a campaign prepared. But if worst comes to the worst, that's what I'll do.

Mind you, I haven't had the pleasure of playing in an old school game (as opposed to running one) for more than a decade, so it would be awesome to get a chance to play.

In the absence of a regular campaign (or even a regular group of players down here in Folkestone). Caroline and I are going slightly nuts (just slightly) for want of a game. I'm almost at the stage where I'm ready to run a few published solo adventures (yes, it's really getting that bad) and she's almost mad enough to let me run her through them!


Ray Rousell said...

You sound in a bad way, we'll have to have you up for our next game, whenever that's gonna be!

Ian Coakley said...

What are you up to this Saturday? I could totally run a game for you guys via Skype. I haven't been able to do anything on a regular basis, but I have a free night this Saturday.

Go on, I'll even run your choice of system.

Dennis Laffey said...

If you guys are free midday Saturday, you could get in on my group's game on G+. We're in Korea (GMT +9:00) and usually start around 9:00 or 9:30pm so that would be right around noon your time.

It looks like by group consensus that I'll be running a sci-fi game, probably Stars Without Number, although I'm trying to get them to agree to Star Frontiers since the adventure I've got in mind is already done for that system.

Stuart Marshall said...

I've been thinking of starting up something similar --- an OSRIC campaign over Google+ hangout, weekday evenings on GMT (say, a 2-hour timeslot, Tuesdays Wednesdays or Thursdays). Hmm...

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks for all the responses guys.

@Ray: You're on, I'd love to swing by and game with the Rejects again.

@Ian Sounds good to me. Will be good to catch up. Can't manage this Saturday though, Caroline and I have plans.

@Lord Gwydion: Thank you very much, I really appreciate your offer, but I'm afraid I have to work most Saturdays. I'm gutted though, because I love Star Frontiers and really enjoying ready about your group in Seoul. Do you play every Saturday (I can't remember)? If it's less frequent that every week. I might be able to manage.
Please email me brian@leadlegion.com

@Stuart That sounds perfect. Caroline and I are free on all those evenings and we both love Osric. Please let us know if you can get things off the ground.
My email is brian@leadlegion.com

Thank you to you all for responding.

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