Saturday, 29 October 2011

Isle of the Earthshaker Session IV Part II

I've added the second part of Session IV's actual play report to the original session IV article, here, for the sake of keeping everything more organized. If you've already read the first part I urge you to revisit the page. If you haven't, well, why the hell not? Go look at it and then come back.




The campaign is coming along nicely. Some initial concerns I had about lack of space in the new place are unfounded. We were a little cramped, but we still managed to find space for ten players and one DM around the table. Given that our usual skype-attendee was present in person this session, that means I can still have up to eleven players per game. So far, only about fifteen of the 23 people who replied positively that they'd like to join the game have actually been able to attended. But that's more than fine. After all, the idea is that it's a drop-in game after all. Plenty room for all of us.

Next month, because some players have had trouble attending on the days we've been playing, I'm experimenting with Wednesday and Friday sessions every two weeks. Unfortunately, this means at least one of the current regulars is going to miss probably half of those sessions, but it also means that several other players who want to be a regulars will be able to attend at least half next months sessions as well. I'll continue to rotate the actual game nights as much as I can to accommodate as many players as possible, but I really do have to give preference to the players who turn up regularly. It's only fair after all.

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