Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dark Heresy Update

We've been playing for nearly a month now, but, due to the short duration of our Google Hangout sessions (combined with a couple of sessions of severely curtailed length) the party are still playing through the introductory adventure.

We've got an interesting selection of characters, with a good mixture of careers: a Sister of Battle, a Psyker, a Preacher, a Scum, an Arbiter and a Tech Priest Cyber-dog handler.

I'm still waiting on a few background paragraphs and photographs for one or two characters. Once they're in, I'll formally introduce you all to the party. Shortly thereafter, I'll write up the first adventure report chronicling our adventures. Due to the short duration of our sessions, I won't be doing a session by session write up. At least not initially. Once the introductory scenario has ended and we're into the campaign proper I'l publish write-ups more frequently.

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