Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lost Data

Today is not a good day. Why not? My laptop has died, taking with it the 1st level Thief's Survival Guide and the 3rd level Necromancer spells article. I'm hoping the problem can be fixed. It seems to be an issue with the power connection (neither the battery nor any of my other adaptors are working). Stupidly, I didn;t back up the files onto my workstation.

But for the time being that means no article today. I should have realised it was going to be one of those weekends when I noticed I'd already painted two of the five hobgoblins I was going to paint, never actually got round to painting the three that were left, and instead wound up painting four completely different miniatures from the Gondor to represent my Lord of the Rings Cardolan army (one of the three Arnor succession states for those of you who find the name vaguely familiar).

The Cardolan list is one of my own devising, essentially an expanded Arnor list from the Shadows of Angmar expansion, with a few additional troops types but continuing the "better fighters than the Gondor version but with corresponding lower courage" theme of the Arnor lists. Oh, plus the knights tend to use bows or throwing spears rather than lances.

I've always loved the idea of a force that knows it's beaten but fights on regardless. That's how it is with the Cardolan and Arnor lists. They know they can't win, but the fight anyway, retreating whenever it looks like the battle is about to be lost (so they can fight again) rather than staying to turn it around (and dying for nothing).

If there's enough interest, I'll put the Army List up here on the Blog. In fact, I'll probably do it anyway. But what I might do is wait till Caroline can photograph the miniatures (as they are painted) and stick the stats up with a picture beside them.

There is good news too (very good news in fact, which completely makes up for everything that's gone wrong this weekend): My better half comes home from Oman tomorrow.

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