Sunday, 16 January 2011

Strength of Stone: 3 New Magic Items

Having been working hard out here in Oman, I haven't been able to finish off the "Survival Guide" series yet. Here's a little something to keep you busy while you wait.

Serenity's Stone:
An unremarkable lump of blue crystal veined with gold, Serenity's Stone has often been regarded as little more than a curiousity. However, this (very) minor magical item guarantee's the bearer a restful nights sleep, free of nightmares (even magical nightmares, but not those sent by a divinity). In fact, so restful is that sleep that the character carrying it can obtain rest equivilent to a full eight hours sleep (recovering hit points as normal) in a mere four hours. Characters who sleep for a more normal eight hours recover twice as many hit points. This magical item has no effect on characters who do not require sleep.
Value: 400GP, 40XP.

The Succession Stone:
A chair shaped lump of granite, craved with runes in many tongues and so old that many are no longer recognisable. It is ancient devide for testing the veracity of claims to property, everything from land and livestock to the throne itself. Any being asked (in any language) if he is the true heir or owner of a given item may not leave it until providing an answer (strength score or even divinity is irrelevent, only answering the question or the use of a wish or limited wish will free the seated being. A truthful answer will allow the seated individual to rise unharmed. Those who lie will suffer the effects of a Disintegrate spell as cast by a twentieth level caster. Weight: 3 tons.
Treasure Value: 150,000GP, 15000XP

Stone of Shattering:
Seemingly a normal slingstone with a single rune graven upon it. A slinger who speaks this rune as a mantra while whirling the stone unleashes the stone (and it's magic) upon the unsuspecting foe. As it flies from the sling, the rock grows exponentially, eventually reaching the size of a trebuchet stone. Damage and area of effect as per a stone thrown from a Trebuchet. No attack bonus. Does not count as a magical weapon for the purposes of affecting creatures immune to non-magical weapons. It is, in effect, little more than a catapult stone with a reduce spell of an especially long duration.
Treasure Value: 150GP or 15XP.


netherwerks said...

We'd like to include the Serenity Stone in our D100 Table of Blogger Loot at Zalchis, if that works for you.

Dangerous Brian said...

I'd be delighted. Feel free.

netherwerks said...

Thanks! The Serenity Stone is a great item for Zalchis. Very cool stuff.