Friday, 28 January 2011

The Miniature a Day Challenge

Last month I (foolishly) declared my intention to paint the equivilent of a miniature a day from the time I left Oman till the end of the year. Well, fear not. I shall rise to that challenge. It's four days since my return, so I have a four miniature debt. Yet I have the weekend off, and it was never the intention to paint one miniature every single day -only to average a minaiture a day over the course of the year.

So, today, I am going to paint five Mordor orc miniatures (including a captain and standard bearer) to add to my hobgoblin horde (which, with my Moria goblins, also doubles as one of my Lord of the Rings armies).

But fear not - I have one last edit to finish for the 1st Level Thief's Survival Guide, more spells for the Necromancer class and seven nominations to announce for the versatile gamer award. Which means there will be plenty more posts over this coming weekend to make up for the relative drought over this last month.

Photographic proof of my painting efforts will be posted as soon as the missus is back in country with the camera. Or rather, as soon as I can persuade her to set up the tripod and click the magic button.

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