Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Man denies stealing 10,000 model soldiers.

To the shame of Scotland, alas. Still, at least the law is taking it seriously.

In other news: I'm still in bed with the dreaded flu lurgy. And all those end of year deadlines are creeping in.... Not good. I'll have to drag myself out of bed soon enough, fit or not. I haven't missed a deadline since my first year at university. I have no intention of starting now.


The Angry Lurker said...

That's bleeding horrible, the swine....get better soon my friend.

Ray Rousell said...

What a theivin' Bar$-tard!!!! Hope is does time, if they were my figures I'd be in court too for GBH or possibly Murder!!
Get well soon....again!!

Lord Siwoc said...

Never mess with a man and his hobby!!!

Get well soon mate!

Chris C. said...

Get better soon!

As for the crime -- this is terrible. The culprit should be condemned to 50 years hard painting (buttons, eyes and buckles on 2mm Napoleonics). ;)

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks guys.

Happy Valley said...

Just catching up with things (again?)so belated get well wishes, but bed seems to have been the best place so far this 'holiday season'.

As to the stolen leads, it adds fuel to a discussion I had with a mate who was thinking of getting his collection insured separately from the house contents. Makes sense, but it's very sad.

Shannon said...

Yeah, sickness is awful. Mine always seem to time themselves with my holidays -- which is both good and god awful.

Get well!

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks for all your good wishes. I've actually been up and about again for nearly a week, just concentraint on my Terminus Omega blog instead.

It never occured to me to check in in case people still thought I was ill.

Careless of me, sorry. The next Oriental Osric post should be up in a few days.