Friday, 10 December 2010

Kareimekos Published Modules

I've been going through my modules, trying to remember which ones were set in Kareimekos and which were not. Fortunately, with the help of B1-9 I've already have nine modules more or less adapted to my needs. B1-9 doesn't use everything in these modules (and frankly, it's a little vague about where exactly in the Duchy some of the adventure sites are located) but it's enough to make sure that converting them entirely should be rather easy.

Fortunately, the Grand Duchy of Karameikos Gazetteer is itself quite useful, as it sites several other modules set in the region as reference sources used when creating the source book, including B-10, which seemingly has lots of information on the Duchy's demi-humans.

Finally, B11 (Queens Harvest) and B12 (King's Festival) are also set in Karemeikos, so I can troll through these for additional sandbox sites to add to the map and use the scenarios contained within as well.

To the best of my knowledge however, very few modules were set in Karameikos at later levels. I think the Duchy was expressly designed as a Basic level D&D location. I've managed to remember that X-12, Skarda's Mirror, was also set there but I can't think of many others off the top of my head. I'm fairly certain that Dragon Magazine included a few adventures set specifically in the Grand Duchy as well, but can't think what they are.

If anyone out there can think of a few more, I'd appreciated it if you could shout them out. I'm perfectly capable of making up new locations and modules myself -but given how suddenly this campaign has come about, I need as many pre-made locations and modules as possible to get me started.

I've already decided to plunder some of the early Dungeon magazine modules -including a certain infamous vampires tower with the entrance in the roof from a VERY early issue of the magazine.

Finally, every sandbox needs a mega-dungeon. Right now I'm contemplating the idea o having two. I really like Stone Hell Dungeon -that will be the great ruin I referred to in my previous post, in the hidden valley. However, I also like Castle of the Mad Archwizard. So much so, in fact, that I'm thinking "Castle Caldwell" might have more than one cellar level after all.

If anyone out there has any knowledge of other published modules set in Karameikos, please let me know. Likewise, if you can think of any D&D or 1st/early 2nd ed AD&D modules from Dungeon magazine that I might find especially useful (not just ones specifically set in Karameikos) I'd be very grateful.

Present List of Modules:

B series modules: In Search of the Unknown, Keep on the Borderlands, Palace of the Silver Princess, Horror on the Hill, The Veiled Society, Rahasia, Castle Caldwell and Beyond, Nights Dark Terrors, King's Festival, Queen's Harvest.

DDA-3 The Eye of Traldar, DDA-4 Dymark Dread

X-12 Skarda's Mirror.


scottsz said...

That's a damned large line up of fun you have there!

Dangerous Brian said...

Yes it is. I doubt we'll even play half of those modules. Unless the campaign has a TPK or two that keeps the character low level for quite a while. I just like to make sure my players (and their characters) have plenty of options.