Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Shorn

Here are the painted miniatures of the Shorn, as the party stood just prior to the events of Session 5 (before the deaths of Vaslav and Uric).

From left to right: Elra, Klara, Uric, Boindil, Tungdil, The Mule, Vaslav, Hans.

Here's a slightly less arty shot, one which hopefully shows the details a little bit better.

Many thanks to my dearly beloved for the photos.


Jim said...

Those are great pics! Great job on the minis! Where'd you get the donkey/horse?

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks Jim.

It's an old Mithril Miniatures Horse from the Rohan range with a few odds and end stuck on. I bought an adventuring accessories pack from Reaper a while back and couldn't think of a use for it until I needed a pack mule.

If you're looking for some pack animals you can get nice park horses from Wargames Foundry,

or pack mules

But it might be easier to find these ones out your way.

Dangerous Brian said...

Sorry, wrong catalogue for Mega Mini's. The Pack Mules are in the Dungeon Decor catalogue.

Jim said...

Thanks for the links! In my current game, the party has a pack mule and I've been using a cardboard cut-out for him. Its fine, but I'd like something nicer. :)

Dangerous Brian said...

Yup. cardboard cut-outs are a great stop-gap, but you can't beat the look or feel of a nice mini perched on your table.