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The Necromancer: A New OSRIC Class. Part II

Necromancer Spell-List:
The Necromancer may learn and cast spells from the following list. Like Magic-Users and Illusionists, they learn these spells from spellbooks and scrolls, but cannot learn or use spells from Magic-User or Illusionist scrolls, they may use Necromancer scrolls only. The Necromancer must memorise his spells in accordance with the rules for Magic-Users and Illusionists.

(Note In the Necromancer class/sp table, Spell levels are referred to as "grades". In the original WD35 article, these were spell-like abilities, rather like spells).

Level 1 Necromancer Spells:

Animate Dead
Level: 1
Range: Caster
Duration: Until Next Dawn
Area of Effect: 60ft radius centred on caster.
Components: A number of human-sized, humanoids corpses. 1 Black gemstone worth at least 100gp.
Casting Time: 1 turn
Saving Throw: none
Enables Animation and control of 1d6 +1/level humanoid corpses of human size or less, which rise as zombies at the end of the casting time, whereupon the gemstone crumbles to dust. These zombies will serve the Necromancer until destroyed, affected by a "D" turning result or sunrise. The corpses must have been dead for no more than one week plus 1 day per level of the Necromancer.
Note that there are serious social and legal consequences for the Necromancer is caught in the act of casting this spell.

Cause Darkness
Level: 1
Range: See Darkness 15ft radius.
Duration: See Darkness 15ft radius.
Area of Effect: See Darkness 15ft radius.
Components: See Darkness 15ft radius.
Casting Time: See Darkness 15ft radius.
Saving Throw: See Darkness 15ft radius.
As per MU Spell Darkness 15ft radius.

Evil Eye
Level: 1
Range: 60ft
Duration: Until eye contact is broken
Area of Effect: 1 PC or NPC vulnerable to the effects of a Charm Person spell.
Components: none
Casting Time: 1 segment
Saving Throw: Save vs Spells
The Necromancer catches the victims eyes with a soulless, terrifying gaze. The affected character must save vs spell or be affected as per a Hold Person spell for as long the Necromancer continues to hold his gaze. This spell will not affect any character or creature not normally vulnerable to a charm person spell.

Feign Death
Level: 1
Range: self
Duration: 1 hour per level
Area of Effect: self
Components: Grave Dust
Casting Time: 1 segment
Saving Throw: none
The Necromancer falls to the ground lifeless, simulating death in all respects. His heart rate, pulse and breathing slow to an imperceptible degree. Only a medical examination or a Detect Life can detect the ruse. Of course, the Necromancer is just as vulnerable to having his head lopped off as any other corpse. The effect will persist for one hour per level, or until the Necromancer takes additional damage, whereupon he shall awake next round and must re-roll his initiative.

Grave Noises
Level: 1
Range: As per Audible Glamour
Duration: As per Audible Glamour
Area of Effect: As above
Components: As above
Casting Time: As above
Saving Throw: As above
This spell works in all respects as an Audible Glamour, save that it can be used only to simulate sepulchral noises, such as moans, groans, scuffling feet, howling, the clanking of chains - in shirt, any noise that might indicate the presence of the Undead.

Speak With Dead
Level: 1
Range: As third level Clerical Spell of same name
Duration: As third level Clerical Spell of same name
Area of Effect: As third level Clerical Spell of same name
Components: The head (or complete corpse) of the dead individual to be consulted.
Casting Time: As third level Clerical Spell of same name
Saving Throw: As third level Clerical Spell of same name
Functions as the third level Clerical Spell of the same name in all respects save level requirements and the requirement for a Holy Symbol.

Speak With Dead (Normal) Animals
Level: 1
Range: As Speak with dead, but affects only normal animals
Duration: As Speak with dead, but affects only normal animals
Area of Effect: As Speak with dead, but affects only normal animals
Components: The head or full corpse of the animal to be interrogated
Casting Time: As Speak with dead, but affects only normal animals
Saving Throw: As Speak with dead, but affects only normal animals
Treat this spell as the Speak With Dead Necromancer spell above. However, this version of the spell affects only dead, normal animals. It does not affect giant animals or insects (giant or otherwise).

Summon Skeletons and Zombies
Level: 1
Range: Centred on Caster
Duration: 1 turn per level of caster
Area of Effect: 125ft per level of the caster.
Components: A Bone Wand carved from the forearm of a fallen warrior, worth 150gp.
Casting Time: 1 full round
Saving Throw: none
The following information applies to all similar "Summon" spells cast by A Necromancer.
The Necromancer may summon up to a dozen undead creatures of this type or types within range to his present location. The combined Hit Dice total of the summoned undead must not exceed three times his Necromancer level. The summoned Undead will immediately move as rapidly as possible to the location of the Necromancer. If no Undead of the summoned type are within the Area of Effect, then up to a dozen lesser undead will be attracted instead. If the Summoned undead creatures are under the control of another there is only a fifty percent chance (+5% per level of the caster above that of the Controller, -5% per level if Controller is of a higher level than the caster) that the summoned undead will obey the summons.
The caster does not need to continue concentrating on the spell once cast. The summoned undead will move to the location of the summoning regardless of whether or not the caster is still present. However, if the caster does maintain his concentration the undead will travel to his current location, regardless of whether or not the caster has moved to a different location after casting the spell.
Summoned undead may be brought under the Casters control using the Turn Undead matrix. Summoned undead are NOT automatically under the casters control and may even attack him once they arrive.If, after the spells duration expires, if the Summoned Undead are not under the casters control, they may remain at the location they were summoned too (50% chance) or else return to their previous location (50%) chance. Intelligent undead, however, are likely to begin a "man-hunt" for the creature that dared summon them.

Tomorrow: Level 2 Necromancer Spells

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