Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Zama: Index

Zama is my home-brew game world, the setting for many of my short-stories and a never-finished series of novels. Like the Forgotten Realms, it has undergone many cataclysmic changes (coinciding with every change of edition) and will, in my next campaign, likely undergo another that will reset the world from 4th ed physics to an earlier edition of the game.

At the moment, the Zama setting is not presently in use – at least, not unless of any of former players are using the setting for the own games. Not all that unlikely a possibility come to think of it. Not when you consider I've been running games in this world for over twenty years.

The entries here are for Zama in it's present, early-Iron Age incarnation (prior to the fall of the Punic Empire the campaign had reached the late-medieval epoch in technological terms albiet not sociological ones). The information presented here will likely be out of date by my next anticipated visit to the campaign-world; in which I will probably adapt the world to an early-mid renaissance setting.

Here's a partial listing of my current and intended entries. As time passes I'll develop the listed articles and  add more to the list

Arcane (Arian) Imperium:
Evil empire dominated by a Senate of arcane spellcasters and their demonic allies

Bronze Legion, The:
The fighting men of the Protectorate of Zama. Link

Cauldron-Born (Orlocs):
Foul creatures birthed from infernal cauldrons fueled with the bodies of the recently dead, slain by violence. Link

Citadel, The:
Known as the city of Gate Pass, an independant city-state which lies within the canyon seperating the lands of the Arcane Imperium and the Protectorate of Zama.

Drune, The:
Renegade Tuatha who have turned from the worship of the Earth Goddess and embraced The Scourge, whom they know as the Dark Mother. Link

Everqueen, The:
Immortal Queen of the Fey and patron goddess of the Ghale Shee (the Elves of the Otherlands). Fickle, Capricious, Ruthless.
Forsaken, The:
Elves. Those of the Ghale Shee who have displeased the EverQueen. The undergo a painful transformation, sterilisation and banishment to the world of men.

The adventurers, both villainous and heroic, who inhabit the lands of the Middle Sea.

The origin of the unique (and near-unique) monsters that plague the lands of the Middle Sea.

The non-human PC races of the Middle Sea.
Otherlands, The
Home of the EverQueen, the Ghale Shee and the land in which faithful Tuatha dwell to await rebirth into the next life.

The world of Zama has but one Sun God, one Sea God, one Storm God. But it has many pantheons.

Scourge, The:
The terrifying malevolence that seeks to re-enter the world and destroy all life within it.

Underworld, The:
The dungeons of Zama are more than mere ruins. Many lead into the very depths of the Underworld itself, where damned souls reside for all eternity.


netherwerks said...

This is a great start--congratulations on the impending nuptials!

The whole A-to-Z thing is handy for getting a bunch of stuff organized. We're still doing other posts, and no one is going to give you any grief for doing it backwards, out of order or however you decide to do it--or not do it. Next year we might do the A-to-Z thing backwards in Tsolyani...

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks Netherworks - both for the compliment and the congratulations.

I was enjoying reading other peoples entires so much I had to get involved myself.