Thursday, 23 November 2006

Got Nothing Done

Got absolutely no painting done today. Nill, Nada, Zip, Zero. It took forever to base and assemble those 12 Norman milites. And as my shield and banner transfers still havent arrived I couldn't even spend the three hours while the white metal was drying working on the nearly forty shields I need to have finished by Tuesday. Grrr. More time lost. I say lost, not wasted, because at least it gave me time to read through the rulebook again - something I evidently need to do since I failed to pick up on the fact that routing skirmishers do not trigger panics tests. Makes sense after all. Running away is kind of what they're paid for.

Anyway, no further news on the Norman front tonight. And still no pics of the "completed" spearmen since their shields havent been done.

One other bit of mixed news though. John's WFRP game is of on Sunday, as he and several of the other players are off to Dice Con. Andy P and I will head of to see Casino Royale while the others are board-gaming and then its back to the sweat shop for me. So at least I might be able to catch up on my painting as a result.


ed said...


email me at c dot speirs a__T equus dot demon dot co dot uk

Dinna fash yerself if not all the shields are on. Tell me what it is and we'll take it as read



Unknown said...

Hopefully the week off will mean that I'll be all the better prepared for the complexities of bringing Altdorf to life next Sunday then. ;)

Dangerous Brian said...

Always looking on the bright side eh John lol? Colin, the email I sent you has bounced back. As you can see though, I have the shield issue largely sorted. As long as you dont object to one of my units being almost entirely naked on Tuesday, it looks like we're sorted.