Saturday, 25 November 2006

Shields Done: Spearmen pics

Well, Thursday and Friday were mostly write-offs as far as painting was concerned, but I had expected that anyway. Between house hunting and the Opera Thursday saw painting squeezed right out of the schedule, with more house hunting and visiting on Friday. I did at least manage to take advantage of the transfers which arrived on Friday to finish the shields on my armoured milites. Pictures have been included.

I have to say I`m very happy with the result, although a few of the shields need a little touch up here and there before I'd be willing to allow people the option of close-scrutiny. I`ll do that later today in between painting horses and knights. So the new, wildly optimistic targets are to finish the knights over today and tomorrow (complete with shields) and at least prep and base the libre spearmen. That will give me a good (mostly painted) 1000 point force for Tuesday night. A little weaker in terms of missile troops and skirmishers than I would have liked, but thats life with little lead men.

Now I just have to work out how to get the bl;oody things to G3 without trashing them. Especially since they'll be sitting under my desk at work for most of the day. Really should have thought of that before painting. Or arranging a game. But I`ll just leave some of my other miniatures sitting on the table at home and borrow the packaging.


Andrew Paul said...

Lookin' good. I'll be inspired to pick up the hairy sticks myself, at this rate.

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks very much Andy, very genrous of you. On the other hand, Ive never known you of all people to need an excuse to pick up a paint brush :)

Unknown said...

Yes, they do look nice Brian. If I had to make one criticism it'd be the bases. The mix you're using looks like heavy gravel at that scale. I fixed on using a 3-grade mix myself: grit, sand, and flock. I was very satisfied with the results, and it wouldn't be any harder to do than what you're currently using. Remind me to show you some the next time you're here. ;)

Dangerous Brian said...

Ah, but see my earlier entry entitled "Painting"- Nov 17th.

The bases have been left that way as a temporary measure only. Once I figure out whether most of my period opponents will be Eastern armies o Occidental onces, I`ll go back and sort out the bases.
Cheers for the offer though. I`d be interested to take a look for future reference.

ed said...


What I do with my WAB armies is to carry them affixed to movement trays (originally with Blutak and now with magnets) carried in two drawer boxes I got cheap out of WH Smiths opposite Static.

having card inserts between the trays and lots of foam bits from blister packs helps carry them.

Of course you can always use a GW or FiC case and put them on the trays when you get to G3

Dangerous Brian said...

I had been thinking of putting magnetic bases on the movement trays and I may end up doing this for my infantry. My concern though is that Ill be carrying them to work and then leaving them under a desk so they may get bumped about quite a bit. Unfortunately, I dont have a car as yet so leaving them packed away in the boot is not an option. :(

I was just going to buy two more carrying cases: 1 for the infantry and one for the cavalry. I can fit all the infantry in one box from Kaizer Rushforth. And they also do a specialist line in boxes for cavalry as well.

However, if those drawers look like they'll do the trick I may just pick up a few of those instead and save myself quite a bit of dosh. Might still by a KR case for the cavalry with their very bendy lances to be on the safe side though.