Monday, 20 November 2006

Spearmen and Letting Agents.

Well, I did manage to acheive my painting target for yesterday, but alas, I've failed to do any painting so fat today, let alone prepping or basing.

The reason for this, you see, is that I've spent most of the morning talking with estate agents who have so far not bothered their rear ends to return any of emails. Hopefully now Ive spoke to them over the phone they'll start putting things in motion as it were. After all, I`m on holiday all this week and my future flatmate Andy (not the cheeky one who leaves comments but the other cheeky one who doesn't) has taken two days off thursday and friday so we can go to some viewings.

And how many viewings do we have arranged yet? Precisely zero. Hence my rather sore jaw and clenched teeth. (Now now Brian, musn't yell at the poor inconvienanced civilians. (They may be in a uniform, but it's not DPM! Your not in the Army now, laddie!).

,7pm and nothing done yet. Almost a whole day gone, not that I begrudge the time spent visiting my relatives in the afternoon, as I thoroughly enjoy their company. Even so, must get some more painting done tonight. My target: Prep and base the twelve archers that I bought from Perry Miniatures and paint at least six.

If they were more spearmen I`d simply say no contest, but they're in tunics, not chainmail. So it might be another late night for me tonight. But if I`m going to have all the Perry figs I bought the other week (or at least all the infantry) painted by the time I go back to go work next Monday them I`m sure to see a few more of those.

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