Friday, 2 September 2011

No Painting Round-Up This Month

As you might guess from the title, there will be no pics of August's painted mini's. At least, not for a while yet. Between running two distinct campaigns, writing up game notes, writing encounters and locations for the OSRIC campaign, writing fiction and dealing with real life very little lead has been decorated in August.

My painting ADHD hasn't helped matters either. I have the last thirteen 15mm colonists half-painted and about a third of my fifteen 28mm lizardmen have been base-coated. I've sixteen 15mm Earth Alliance guys undercoated as well as seven 15mm civilian vehicles, three 15mm AFV's, forty-six 15mm Space Orcs and eight 28mm Foundry Argonauts all in various stages of prep or painting. Oh, not to mentioned thirteen ships from an eighteen ship Noble Armada fleet awaiting base coats. If I'd just concentrated one one or two things at a time I might still have reduced my lead mountain somewhat. Hindsight is perfect after all.

So I propose to combine September and Augusts painting efforts in a single post next month. In other words, there will be 62 painted miniatures to be photographed by the end of this month. Which means I still have to finish 45 miniatures to stay on target. Who wants to bet that I'll end up painting at least one miniature that isn't even on the prep table yet? You know, rather than finish the stuff I've already started.


Unknown said...

Me! Me! I'll take that bet! ;-)

Take heart. You've been very busy and real life hasn't been kind. Also GMing two campaigns at the same time, one of which has 10 players at each session, is pretty impressive.

Ray Rousell said...

Sounds like a plane, let's hope it works!! mine never do!

Dangerous Brian said...

I don't think mine ever do either Ray.

@ Amber Renarde: Yeah but you have to say things like that. You're my wife. :P

Unknown said...


But you also know I don't mess about if you need a boot up the backside either! ;-)