Monday, 12 September 2011

Post-Apocalypse Gaming: My Appendix N

About a week ago (right after my dual posts on 02/09/11) I made a huge tactical mistake: I booted up my copy of Fallout: 3 yet again. Naturally leading to a huge dip in productivity on the writing and blogging fronts. So now, given that the ravages of the weather have forced us to abandon tonight's scheduled OSRIC game, my thoughts are turning instead to how I would run my own post-apocalyptic campaign setting. What themes and influences would I use to shape my own little sand-pit? Well, here are the main sources of inspiration I've been using to fuel my imagination. Coming next: Creating a Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting (part one), wherein I actually set about taking elements from each of these sources to forge a campaign setting of my own.

Gaming Sources:
  • Aftermath 
  • All Flesh Must be Eaten
  • Armageddon
  • Atomic Highway
  • Cascade Failure
  • Darwin's World
  • Dead Reign
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Exodus
  • Fallout RPG
  • Gamma World
  • Living Steel
  • Rifts
  • The End
  • The Morrow Project
  • Twilight 2000
  • Urutsk
  • Arc Light
  • Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven
  • Robopocalypse by Daniel Wilson
  • The Postman by David Brin
  • The War in 2020 by Ralph Peters
  • World War Z by Max Brooks
    Vampire Earth Series by E.E Knight

Video Gaming:
  • Fallout Series 
  • Robinson's Requiem
Film and Television:
  • Andromeda Strain
  • Ark II
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Children of Men
    Event Horizon
  • I am Legend
  • Just about every Zombie Movie ever made
  • Mad Max Trilogy
  • Outbreak
    Survivors (BBC TV)
  • The Book of Eli
  • The Postman
  • The Road
  • The Stand
  • Twenty-Eight Days Later
  • Waterworld


The Angry Lurker said...

Good source materials in that list, my PS3 gaming always kills my hobby work.

Dangerous Brian said...

Sometimes I wonder if my gaming and writnig would be better off I had an ancient old PC with no graphics card. It probably would be, but what a price to pay.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forwards to reading what follows on this. Followed!

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks Arlequin. Welcome to the blog.

The Extraordinarii said...

Good lists there, fav would have to be 'Mad Max II' mixed with 'The Road'...scary but would make for good gaming.

Jay said...

Great list! I see several not (yet) on my "appendix G". Loving the P.A. posts!!

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks guys. The thing is, everytime I look at that list I want to add more: Eden Log, Mutant Future, Pandorum. There's just so much good stuff out there.

Ian Coakley said...

Speaking of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, dig out a copy of One Of The Living, an AFMBE sourcebook - even without the system stuff, it has tons of hints, tips, and ideas for post-apocalyptic games. Brilliantly written, and so fun to use.

Dangerous Brian said...

You know, I think I have that sourcebook. Never got round to reading it. I'll need to add it to my reading list.