Friday, 12 August 2011

Pendragon Campaign

I've been rattling on about the Isle of the Eartshaker campaign for more than a month now, but as I'm sure you've all realised by now I've never been one for limiting myself to a single project at a time. Project number 2 will the Pendragon Great Campaign, played by myself, my dearly beloved and the couple across the street. The same small group, in other words, that played in my last OSRIC campaign. The one that basically met whenever the four of us happened to have a free evening at the same time and no other plans.
So, tomorrow will be a big day character generation wise. I'll be meeting with some folks on Skype to create characters for the OSRIC game and I'll be meeting with the folks from across the way to create characters for both games at once.

I have to be honest about how excited I am by the prospect of getting to run two games at once. Especially given that one is my home brew game world and the other a campaign I've been wanting to get stuck into for years. Luckily, most of the work for Earthshaker is already finished (enough for several months gaming at least, I should think) and the Pendragon Great Campaign can pretty much run itself with the help of a pre-published adventure or two.


David Larkins said...

Hooray for a Pendragon post that's not written by me! ;)

...the Pendragon Great Campaign can pretty much run itself with the help of a pre-published adventure or two.

Especially the first 10 years. Once you hit Anarchy, it's over to the players to guide things along, although you can keep throwing things at them as well.

Speaking of pre-published adventures, here are a couple web resources I didn't include in my Appendix N post:

Looking forward to hearing how things go!

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks Larks. Your Solo Game has been a huge driving force behind this. Though I've had to ban my players from reading up on it on your blog. Or at least, I've banned them from reading up to anything beyond the game year before our own.

Won't work. I know for a fact one them (they guy who looks up spoilers BEFORE playing a computer game or seeing a movie -I'm looking at you Silv-) will probably go and read them anyway.

What a pity he won't know the scheduled events and adventurers from the ones you've added in yourself. Bwahahahahaha!