Sunday, 14 August 2011

How Many Players!

Am i the luckiest DM alive or what? Most of the DM's I know struggle to find enough players to get a game off the ground. Yet so far, I have eleven confirmed players for the first session of the expeditionary campaign tomorrow (I set the bar at at ten but elven gives me a comfort zone if someone can't make it at the last minute). But thats not all, I have a confirmed total (so far) of 21 players altogether!

Yes, that's right, you heard me. 21 players in the one campaign! When's the last time anyone ever heard of that? Outside the various RPGA Living Campaigns at any rate? When I sent out all those invites a few weeks ago, I never dreamed for a moment that I'd have so many confirmed players. I rather doubt I'll ever find myself in the situation where all 21 are available for a single session at once, but now my worry is, well, how do I make sure everyone gets a fair turn at the game. Only one way to find out I suppose: suck it and see.

Maybe after a few sessions I could enlist an assistant DM to run other games set on the island when I'm not available. Hmmm. That's worth considering. But how to make it work?


Nook said...

The most I've had in a game is seven players, and I found that a struggle.
How on earth are you going to do it?
Two or more groups running concurrently on different nights?

Dangerous Brian said...

I don't really havea set schedule for when I game so not all the players will be available every night -and im capping attendance at ten per session.

I've handled groups of ten before. With the relatively fast and simple OSRIC rules, ten players isn't too much of an issue. The hardest part is making sure everyone recieves a fair share of the screeen time.