Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pendragon Family History & Character Generation

Today's been busy. Aside from helping to create four new characters for the OSRIC Expeditionary Campaign (an Illusionist, 2 Fighters and a Cleric) and reviewing or discussing three characters created without my help (a Bard, another Fighter and a second (possibly multi-class) Illusionist, I've done some work on my forthcoming Pendragon Game as well.

Specifically, four squires have gone through the advanced, family-history style character generation to stand ready at the cusp of knighthood in the year 485 AD. We really enjoyed playing through the options together, alternately delighting in the fortunes of our characters fathers' and grandfathers' while mocking and deriding their failures. Going through the process also helped my players (all Pendragon virgins) immerse themselves in the settings detailed back-story and (for those familiar with Arthurian legends) helping them identify which of their normal expectations would apply to the Pendragon setting and which would not.

So without further ado, here are our four would-be hero knights:

Squire Galen the Loyal:
A 21 year old British Christian Squire, Galen's father and grandfather both died gloriously in battle. Galen's relatively glorious family history means he has some bragging rights among the other squires, but not so much that he stands out from the pack in the eyes of Salisbury knights. Noted for his considerable sense of loyalty as well as a truly awe-inspiring hatred of all things Saxon (starting Hate Saxon Passion of 21). Skill in horsemanship runs in the family, Glory: 322

Squire Godrick the Brave:
Another 21 year old British Christian, Godricks grandfather died in battle in the year of his fathers birth. His fathers luck was not much better, having spent many a year idling during uneventful garrison duty while other men fought and died in famous battles. Hates the Saxons almost as much as his friend Galen (Hate Saxon Passion of 19) and shares the family talent for Falconry. Starting Glory 269.

Squire Tywin:
A 21 year old Pagan squire, Tywin's grandfather was one of the longest lived knights of his day, participating in many battles yet rarely in the thick of the fray (as evidenced by low glory roles). A canny old fellow, he outlived all his sons, including Tywins father who died while the squire was still little more than a babe. The old knight imparted his skills in treating wounds to his grandson, along with an intense dislike of the Irish and a mild hatred of the Saxons. (Hatred Irish 8 and Hatred Saxons 15). Starting Glory: 132

Squire Valiance
23 years old, the energetic yet unambitious Squire Valiance was content to manage his older brothers lands as Steward until his unfortunate death from wounds this last winter. The oldest of the squires, Valiance is also the least forceful in voicing his opinions and often allows himself to follow the lead of the other lads. Both his father and grandfather had long, undistinguished careers. Valiance does not seem particularly driven to go against the family tradition in this regard. Valiance seems to have a rather indifferent attitude to most things in life, even the Saxons! (Hatred Saxons 12) Starting Glory: 153

Tomorrow we plan on playing through the introductory scenario in the 5th ed rulebook. It's not a great scenario, even for a free introductory adventure, but it should serve well to teach the newbies the rules and help clean out the cobwebs lingering in my brain. If all goes well, and we have time, we'll play through the remainder of 485 as well.


David Larkins said...

Nice group of squires there. Anyone end up with Broughton as a starting manor? We found that the geographical placement of one's starting manor can have a subtle impact on how one plays their character.

The Intro scenario is great for teaching the game basics. Des ran it for the group game she's just started, and everyone had a lot of fun in and around Imber.

Good luck!

Dangerous Brian said...

I'd never really considered how the placement of the different manors might affect the game, to he honest.

Tywin has Stapleford, Galen has Woodford, Godrick has Baverstock and Valiance has Steeple Langford.

How's Des getting on with her game?

Gothridge Manor said...

Really enjoying the Pendragon posts. It's the game I've always wanted to play. Even though I know I may never play it I still try and collect all the books.

Dangerous Brian said...

Glad to hear it. Should hopefully get that introductory scenario done tonight (depending on when my dearly beloved get backs. if we do I'll post it quickly, either before bed tonight or after breakfast tomorrow.

David Larkins said...

How's Des getting on with her game?

She's doing well! We're three sessions in and just wrapped up "The Tournament of Dreams" scenario to great approval. The various characters are finding their rhythm (my own is going to go mercenary and start leading raids into the neighboring county). Considering she's never run a game for a group before, she's doing great. It's really nice to be back on the player's side of things, particularly as it's Pendragon.