Friday, 6 May 2011

April Mini's Photoshoot

Some photo's taken by my (far, far) better half of the miniature painting efforts from last month. As mentioned before, a good wad of them are StarWars pre-painted miniatures with re-paint jobs ranging from a light touch-up to complete re-works from the undercoat up.

Thats me painting the first batch of figures for May in the background in the second photo. The first photo is another batch of robots sculpted by Mark Copplestone. The EM4 range this time, I think. They'll join the other five robots from Copperstone Castings as the main-stay of my Terminator army for Tomorrow's War.

I couldn't see me ever having a use for Naboo Troopers, even in a Star Wars game, so the Naboo Flash Speeder and crew got a repaint as generic cop types.
I had to remove the pilot that comes with it, standing at the steering wheel. Don't worry, the Rebel Hoth Trooper in question won't go to waste. I'm sure I can find some use for him.

 (Okay I'm cheating a bit with this one. I never did get round to doing the base. Probably because I can't see how I'll ever get away with using something as iconic as this in anything but a game of Star Wars).


christian said...

I want to drive to work in a TIE Tank. People would get the HELL out of my way!

Nicely done!

Dangerous Brian said...

In LA you probably need one. Seriously, I've seen the places you guys park over there. You'd be parking on each others roofs if you could.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nicely painted robots

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks. Quick and easy paint jobs with inks and drybrushing. Good for keeping the painted mini count up.