Sunday, 1 May 2011

Miniature-a-Day April Roundup

This month saw me fall far behind in painting terms - painting just 19 miniatures (9 of which were actually repaints of pre-painted miniatures) in a month of thirty days. Not altogether surprising considering I had the wedding this month but still, only month two of the challange and I'm behind already.

So, with the five extra miniatures painted in March, that puts me six miniatures behind for the years running total. I will simply have to do better next time. Look out for a photo update of the painted figs just as soon as I can persuade my good lady to dig out the camera.

Edit: I've got a platoon of colonial marines all based up with no-where to go. but to be honest, the thought of painting 30 odd guys in cammo with identical colour schemes in one month is a bit meh. So the plan is to alternate a batch of five colonial marines with 5 of something else. Let's see if it works.

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