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Daily/Weekly Events Table: Urban

Use the following table D6+1 times per week in an urban environment. Note that unlike encounters, which are things the characters meet, these events are things that happen to the characters and the people around them.They don't replace normal encounter tables. I use these events in conjunction with rendom encounters.

Daily/Weekly Events:
D%     Result
01-04 Accident
05-08 Ballad
09-12 Brawl
13-16 Buyer
17-20 Contest
21-24 Duel
25-28 Entreaty
29-32 Friend
33-36 Gossip
37-40 Gambling
41-44 Injury/Illness
45-48 Insult
49-52 Invitation
53-56 VIP
57-60 Maiden
61-64 Message
65-68 Mercenaries
69-72 Monster
73-76 Pickpocket
77-80 Plot
81-84 Recruit
85-88 Rivals
89-92 Rumor
93-96 Special
97-00 UniqueOpportunity


An accident occurs nearby. The players can intercede or ignore it. By interceding successfully, they will enhance their standing in town and receive a positive reaction modifier with all locals who witnessed their actions for the rest of the day.

The heroes hear a ballad that may prove of use to them: possibly one relating a tale concerning a nearby dungeon or a lost magical weapon. Alternatively, they may learn how to defeat a never-before encountered creature. Finally, if they have established something of a reputation for themselves in the area, the song mighty very well be about them!

50% chance that an NPC tries to pick a fight with one or more characters. Otherwise, they are in the area (tavern, marketplace etc) when a fight breaks out and have the option of joining in should they wish. This is a non-lethal combat. No-one will pull a weapon unless and until a PC does. If anyone dies, the PC's will be hunted by the local authorities.

The characters are approached by an NPC representing powerful interests who wishes to buy one or more magical items presently in the characters possession. There is a 50% they are after a specific item, otherwise they are generally in the market for magical goods. If looking for a specific item which the PC's refuse to sell there is a further 50% chance that the NPC and some hired thugs will attempt to steal it in 2d4 +2 days.

An NPC challenges the PC's to a non-violent contest, such as an eating or drinking competition. The stakes will be 2d10+10 GP's. There is a 15% chance of a brawl breaking out should the NPC lose.

An NPC, taking offense at some action by a PC (or else looking to make a name for himself) challenges a random PC to a duel (spells or arms as appropriate). There is only a 10% that this will be a duel to the death.

A NPC maiden/old woman/young child/desperate farmer approaches the PC's requesting their aid. Insert your favorite plot hook, urban adventure or dungeon here.

One random PC encounters an NPC with whom he hits it off right away during the course of the days events. If the PC visits a tradesmen, crafter or shopkeeper during the course of the day, this will be the shop owner. If not, then the owner of the inn, residence or some other location where the character stays becomes a friend. This friend will risk their life for the character (within reason) but will not accompany the PC on adventures.

The PC's overhear a juicy peace of gossip about a local official that just might come in handy later. 50% chance the gossip is true.

One party member (randomly determine, including NPC's) suffers an accident (50%) or an Illness (50%). Consult your rulebook for the effects of disease. For injury, reduce the characters movement rate by 25% for 1 week and subtract D4 points of damage from his hit point total.

The PCs overhear a conversation between a group of NPCs in which they are gravely insulted. They group numbers d8 assorted thugs and/or NPC adventurers. If a confrontation is initiated, the other side will draw weapons immediately.

One or more PC's receive an invitation to a social gathering appropriate to their reputation and social standing within the settlement.

One or more PC's meet an obliging, willing and even eager member of the opposite sex. Sexual relations may ensue if the PC wishes. Consult the Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge for potential consequences. If you don't have this guide assume a 25% chance that something bad happens – an STD, an angry father, an irate husband or so on.

A street urchin approaches one or more of the PC's to deliver a message. 50% chance it is from a friend or relative. 50% of being an anonymous or cryptic note requesting a meeting or conveying a warning.

The PC's encounter a group of D12 mercenaries including one sergeant, who approach them looking for work. D6: 1 = slingers, 2-3 = light infantry, 4-5 heavy infantry, 6 = archers.

A monster somehow makes an appearance in a busy street. PC's who intervene are hailed as heroes. Otherwise D20+10 people die before the local guard can intervene.

A thief of level D4 makes a pick pocket attempt on one of the PC's.

The PC's stumble upon a plot fo some kind. This plot migh be directed against a specific person, a group, or even the whole settlement. It could range anywhere from an assassination attempt to a plan to undermine the settlements defences prior to an attack.

A randomly determined PC meets a like-minded individual who strikes up a conversation, by the end of which a firm friendship is made. The NPC offers to act as a henchman for a period of one year in return for just a ¼ share of treasure and starting equipment. At the end of the year make a loyalty test. If passed, the henchman agrees to stay on rather than set out on his own in return for a ½ share of all future gains. Henchman is the same race as the PC, 75% chance of being the same gender. Roll a D4 for class. 1= cleric, 2 = fighter, 3 = magic user, 4 = rogue.

A rival band of adventurers arrive in the area. Determine their race, class, level and stats randomly or create your own.

The party hears a useful rumour.

Create a unique event of your own or roll on the monthly or yearly events table. The monthly/yearly even in question begins on this very day.

Unique Opportunity:
The PC's are approached by an NPC offering to sell 1d4 randomly determined magical items (other than scrolls and potions).

The PCs learn that an influential NPC such as the local ruler, high priest or guild master, has been asking questions about their activities and may wish to speak with them.


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Great table. Thanks for sharing!

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One thing I forgot to mention though: I tend to keep track of how often a given result comes up and swop it out for a new one when it starts to get old.

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