Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cruise of the Dead

As mentioned in my previous post, my OSRIC group came to a sudden end when the party failed to escape a dungeon. Thus, I'm now doing prep-work for a one-off zombie game using the Cascade Failure rules. We spent the balance of our last session coming up with character concepts for the PC's and a few dependants. So without further ado I give you the cast of "Cruise of the Dead"

  • Leon Suare: A tough New York Police Officer taking his sister Lara and her husband on the cruise of their life.
  • Lara Doe: Leon's non-combatant sister. A tasty morsel for any zombie who cares to look.
  • Dexter Doe: Lara's husband and Leon's brother-in-law. A medical doctor. Works the graveyard shift in the E.R
  • Cindy Sharp: A rich daddy's girl with expensive clothes, a knack for IT and a damned little yappy dog named Trixie.
  • Jason Green: One of the ship's engineers. Being a good looking lad with an education, he is often invited to host one of the passenger tables during formal dinners.
  • Hamid Hamza: Jason's bunk-mate. Works in the ship's laundry room. Does double duty as a waiter.
  • Joey Dante: Mafioso. A tough little mafia mamma's boy taking his dear old ma on a cruise.
  • Leona Dante: Abrasive but doting old mafia mom.
  • Little Bobby: Joey's bodyguard. "And I hope that...your first child... is a masculine child." Not the brightest tool in the engine room, but damn handy in a fight.
And finally, the most important character of all:
The S.S Ramirez
Three Swimming Pools, five elevators, great night life and a shit-load of zombies.


The Angry Lurker said...

Really liking it so far.

Lord Siwoc said...

Big ship! A lot of places to hide....also for the zombies!!!

Looking really good so far

The Extraordinarii said...

Love the ideas so far...are you going to build the ship Brian ?

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks guys. Lots of place for the survivors to try and hole up as well, so plenty of choice for the characters when it comes to survival tactics.

I'd love to have been able to build a custom ship or even just print deckplans for the cruise ship. I've been planning an ATZ game with this group since I first encountered Vampifans blog way back in December.

Alas, my wargames factory zombies only arrived after a five month wait, mostly remain unpainted; and very few of my modern civilians have seen a lick of paint.

I didn't expect the OSRIC game to end so quickly. So, being as unprepared mini and scenery wise as I am, we're just going to have to run it as an RPG rather than as a skirmish/RPG with the ATZ rules.

Which is a damn shame, cos I can't help but feel it's something of a waster opportunity ATZ wise. Day Zero on a cruise ship would have been a thing of beauty.

christian said...

I dig the cast of characters. In any zombie outbreak, the interplay with the survivors is always fascinating!

Dangerous Brian said...

I agree. Which is why I'm taking bets on who kills that yappy little dog first. The zombies, or a PC?

Nook said...

This sounds really good, however, if i ran it, my players would literally be falling over themselves to be "just the cook"

Dangerous Brian said...

Lol. My firefly/serinity character was just "the cook". A Korean cook. A Korean hit-man on the run cook who was good with "cooking knives".