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Monthly Campaign Events Table:

The monthly special events in any given city, province or region of my Zama campaign are determined by rolling on this table here. Normally, I only roll every monthly event for the coming year in the characters “home-base”. Otherwise, I only roll on this table for other regions when the players return to the location after an absence of several weeks.

To work out which week of the month the event occurs in simply roll a D4 (or some other dice appropriate to the number of weeks the months have in your game). I recommend that you do not roll on the “monthly” event for the calendar month in which the yearly event occurs.The yearly event will keep your players busy enough as it is, I assure you.

Roll a D100 and compare the results on the table below.

                                                                  Yearly Event
                                   Assassination,         Disaster                
                                   Death, Plot,             Famine,
                                   Incursion,War,        Fire,
d100                           Rebellion,                Plague,                    Other

01-05                         Accident                   Accident                  Accident
06-07                         Bandits                     Bad Harvest            Bad Harvest
08-10                         Bandits                     Bad Harvest            Bad Weather
11-15                         Birth                         Bad Harvest            Bandits
16-20                         Death                        Bad Weather          Birth
21-22                         Taxation                   Bad Weather          Birth
23-25                         Taxation                   Bandits                   Death
27-27                         Fame                        Bandits                   Death
28                              Fire                           Bandits                   Taxation
29-30                         Fire                           Bandits                   Taxation
31-32                         Haunting                   Birth                       Fame
33                              Love Interest             Death                      Earthquake
34-35                        Love Interest              Death                      Marriage
36-37                        Monster                      Death                      Fire
38-40                        Monster                     Love Interest           Love Interest
41                              Incursion                   Taxation                  Flooding
42-43                        Incursion                    Taxation                  Love Interest
44                             Injustice                      Earthquake              Monster
45-49                        Injustice                      Fire                         Monster
50                             Major Battle                Flooding                 Incursion
51                             Major Battle               Marriage                  Incursion
52-54                        Major Battle               Haunting                 Injustice
61                             Notorious Crime         Notorious Crime     Major Battle
62-65                       Raiding                        Monster                 Notorious Crime
66                            Marriage                      Monster                  Raiding
67-68                       Raiding                        Incursion                Raiding
69                            Marriage                      Incursion                Recruitment
70-71                       Recruitment                 Injustice                 Recruitment
72-73                       Troop Movements       Injustice                 Troop Movements
74-78                       Troop Movements       Raiding                   Landslide
79-80                       Uprising                       Man-eater               Uprising
81-82                       Uprising                       Major Battle           Man-Eater
83                            Vengeful Stranger        Land-slide             Vengeful Stranger
84-87                       Visitation, minor          Marriage               Vengeful Stranger
88-92                       Outbreak                      Recruitment           Outbreak
93-97                       Roll on Other Table     Outbreak               Visitation, minor
98-99                       Yearly Events Table    Uprising                Yearly Events Table
00                             Visitation,major          Vengeful Stranger Visitation, major

Explanation of Results:

A major accident of some form occurs in the area. Perhaps an insula (tenement building) or a bridge collapses. Animals might stampede through the streets, a ship sinks in the harbour. At best the incident causes inconvenience (20% chance). At worst D100 people die. There is a percentage chance equal to the number of deaths that a friend, relative or ally of the PC's is among the casualties.

Bad Harvest:
Whether due to drought, too much (or too little) rain or sun; locusts or too much monster or bandit activity, any agricultural crops, lumber, or fish harvesting or animal slaughtering due this month yields less than the normal yields. Incomes for all in harvest related professions are halved this month. Prices for goods harvested this month increase by fifty percent. Peasants begin grumbling about curses, witches and bad luck. If no harvest is due this month then the goods affected are metal goods, crafts and textiles rather than consumable food items.

Bad Weather:
During the Winter months, this means storms, muddy roads and even blizzards. In spring and autumn the rains are unusually heavy, turning roads to mud. In summer, it is instead unbearably hot and dusty. All movement is reduced by 50% for the duration of the month. Armies in the field must test against morale or loose 5% of their strength due to desertion and weather-related illness such as hypothermia, heat-stroke, flu and Maleria. The poor weather also damages crops, reducing farming incomes for the rest of the season by a further 10%.

A powerful group of marauding pirates, brigands or intelligent monsters has been ambushing travellers, seriously hampering trade. Numbering 2D10x10 they have moved into the area after being driven out of a neighbouring region. They establish one or more secret strongholds in nearby regions and recruit informers in nearby urban areas and rural inns. There is an 40% chance that any caravan (or ship if pirates or aquatic monsters) is attacked and an 80% chance that any lone travellers will be harassed or robbed. Mercenary Guards and adventurers are in great demands. A reward of 10gp X the number of bandits is offered to any group or persons who can drive the brigands away or story the group entirely. If the army or local adventurers prove unable to stop them (perhaps a few Battle-system games are in order) then they begin raiding towns and villages as well as travellers. The bandits remain in the area until defeated or for 1d6 months.

If any of the PC's indulge themselves in sexual activities this month one of the eligible characters is about to be blessed with the joys of parenthood. Obviously, in the case of a female character, this means she has become pregnant. The actual birth will occur in 9 months. If this not apply to any of your characters for some unusual reason (what sort of adventurers are these guys?) then it is instead a friend or family member of a PC who is so blessed.
The character giving birth has a chance of surviving pregnancy equal to her con score x 8 (max 95% chance of survival, -5% for every previous birth). Should the mother roll under 5% on her survival roll then she has delivered twins. In all cases, the child (or children) each have a chance of surviving child birth equal to that of the mother.

A friend, ally, henchman or relative of one of the PC's has died, either due to natural causes, war, murder or misadventure. If the person concerned has no heirs there is a 30% chance of a dispute over the dead characters wealth and a 15% chance that one of the PC's will inherit instead. Otherwise, the dead characters property is seized by the state. If the dead character held an important ministerial post or owned a business concern then the post remains vacant for D12 weeks until a successor is trained or appointed. Until that time, no duties relayed to the post may be performed and no decisions made.
If the deceased character is the NPC parent of a PC's children, there is a 75% chance that the deceased NPC's parents will demand custody of any children so long as the PC continues to adventure.

A minor earthquake strikes the region. D10% of structures are damaged (starting with those of poorest quality) and D4% of the local population become casualties. Half of whom are killed, the other half injured or maimed. There is a 20% percent of a minor fire (as per the monthly result) occurring and a 5% chance of a serious fire (as per the yearly event) occurring. After the earthquake the cost of building trebles for D6 months.

A person of great reknown but no official position of power has arrived in the region. The character concerned will possess class levels and be noted for considerable skill in one or more areas: art, warfare, politics, engineering, scholarship and so forth. The person may have a secret motive for moving to the region which will 50% of the time be directly related to one or more PC's. If indirectly related, then the famous individual will seek out the PC's to perform some task for him. A task which will almost certainly constitute an adventure in itself.

Unlike the yearly event, this represents a minor fire occurring in the city. D6 buildings will be destroyed, with a 10% chance that one of the buildings concerned will either be a major public edifice or else belong to a PC. Loss of life from the fire is minimal. This is an excellent opportunity for the DM to add something new to a long-established map.

Caused by the collapse of a levee, dyke, dam or aqueduct or else the fracture of a cistern or clogging of a sewage pipe. The water washes downhill in a wave that inflicts 3d6 points of damage to anyone and anything in it's path and runs for D4 miles outdoors or D4 x100 feet in an urban setting before loosing it's force, carrying anything that fails a dex check or is knocked unconscious with it. Unconscious characters have a chance of drowing as per the rules in your game system of choice.

Somewhere in the region an event has occurred -such as a murder or other traumatic event- which has allowed the Veil separating the Underworld from the Known World to wear thin. The area has become haunted by an undead being or beings of the DM's choice, providing the PC's with a short adventure should they wish to investigate. The haunting may be as simple or as elaborate as the DM pleases. However, there should always be at least one way to end the Haunting without combat.

Similar to the yearly even except that the numbers involved are much smaller. Such incursions include everything from a band of spies sent by a neighbouring region, to a group of travelling minstrels or gypsies, an acting troupe or a ship full of exiles from another country. They are likely to number no more than 5D20 individuals but bring with them a whole host of opportunities for intrigue, blood-shed and butchery.

A corrupt official has knowingly punished or imprisoned an innocent citizen, whether due to bribery, cruelty or a desire for something the wronged person has in their “possession” -such as riches or the wronged persons husband/wife/daughter. Such injustice can be defeated if evidence is gathered and brought to the attention of a higher official (assuming the official concerned is not themselves corrupt). There is a 20% chance that one of the PC's is the wronged party. Otherwise choose an NPC known to the party. Preferably one they care about or who can provide them with a vital service.

Occurs only in mountainous, desert, urban or hilly regions. A landslide, avalanche, building collapse or sandstorm has blocked one of the main roads. The road in question cannot be used again until the road has been cleared. The work takes D4 weeks in the wilderness of D4 days in an urban setting.

Love Interest:
A young man or woman of exceptional grace, wit and beauty in the region has taken an interest in one of your PC's. They may be the child of a power noble or merchant (50%), a being of mysterious and magical origin (30%), a priestess (10%) or simply a commoner (10%). He or she charms and impresses all who meet her. The Love Interest is accomplished in many arts, including the playing of musical instruments, respectful to their parents (and the PC), virginal and loving. He or she refuses be courted and wed without the full formalities and the blessing of their parents (if any).
However, the Love Interest is all too aware of their many excellent qualities (without being vain about it) and may impose various tasks on the PC in question in order for the PC to prove that they reciprocate the feelings of the love interest.
Alternatively, the love interest may be entirely manipulative and simply out to use the character for their own ends. In any case, feel feel to use a pre-existing NPC as the love interest if a PC has heretofore expressed an interest in an existing NPC. In which case, the NPC has only just now realised the depth of the feelings they have for the PC in question.

Major Battle:
A large and important battle is fought in the region (or elsewhere but still fought by armies raised in and loyal to the region). Determine the outcome of the battle using either DM Fiat or the AD&D Battlesystem rules (or whichever other mass-combat system you possess). After the battle the losers are forced to retreat. Patrols from the victorious army patrol the area. If it is the region/cities own army that is defeated then the region may be conquered or placed under seige.

A naturally occurring beast native to the region, such as a bear, lion, wolf or elephant, has acquired a taste for human flesh and is raiding the region, killing on average 1d4 people per week. Until the attacks are stopped, every animal of that species caught, skinned and presented to the local authorities will earn a bounty of D10X100 gold pieces.

A PC who already has a love-interest or who has fathered a child (either though play or through a Love Interest or Birth results on this table) receives an offer of marriage from his present partner or the other parent of their child. In some cases, this may be more of a demand and less of a request, possibly even a demand backed up by threats from a powerful party. If no suitable characters exist for this event to be played on them, then an NPC friend or ally of the PC's receives the proposal instead.

A powerful monster, such as a Dragon, Basilisk, Owlbear, Medusa or Demon, appears in the area and begins a killing spree. Depending on DM fiat, the creature is either a cool and calculating predator or a rampaging beast that cuts a bloody swathe through the city until slain itself.

Notorious Crime:
A particularly heinous crime or series of crimes in the region is either blamed on one or more PC's (50% chance) or results in the death/dismemberment/kidnapping or an important NPC friend or relative of one or more PCs.

See Plague in the yearly events table. However, this is a minor outbreak that lasts for only 1D4 weeks before peetering out of its own accord. Amend the number of casualties and the risk of catching the disease appropriately.

An organised military force from another state or humanoid tribe moves into the area, making a limited invasion of the local region in order to secure some minor objective, such as capturing a border fort, hot-footing after rebels hiding in the region, probing to test defences or simply for the sheer hell of keeping the local troops on their toes. The attacking force numbers D6x1000 troops, likely divided into a number of smaller raiding groups, and ravages the region, razing villages to the ground and burning crops in the process, for 3d6 weeks unless defeated in battle or chased away in a series of skirmishes. Travel in the region becomes extremely dangerous.
Use of mass-combat rules to simulate the raid is recommended.

The army, local watch, a mercenary company or a band of notable adventurers is moving through the region, recruiting or conscripting reinforcements as they go. Large bounties of 100GP per level are offered to characters with class levels for a term of service equalling D6 months (in peacetime) or the duration of the war (in wartime). There is a 20% chance that the characters will encounter these recruiters even if they do not seek them out. There is also a 20% chance that one or more of the characters hirelings may join the recruitment party. Either from their own free will (if a loyalty check is failed) or through enforced conscription.

For whatever reason – to fund a military campaign, rebuild damaged infrastructure or pay for a new palace roof, the local ruler has decided to impose a new tax. Many citizens and peasants are forced into poverty or slavery. Others take up begging. Many try to find a loop-hole to avoid paying the tax. There is a 30% (minus the rulers charisma-derived loyalty modifier) of riots and unrest and a 70% chance of increased crime and bandit activity for the next month. The tax costs all households in the city (and all adventurers) 5% of their total wealth.

Note that in Zama there is no regular taxation save for tolls (which pay for the army, the guard and the walls), and thus special one-off taxes are raised for various projects as funds become needed. Therefore, this will be a one-off payment. In other campaign settings, this result may indicate that a new yearly or seasonal tax is to be imposed, in which case the new tax should be 1% of the total wealth of each household each time it is collected.

Troop Movements:
Organised groups of soldiers (from either side) move through the province or region during the course of the month, resulting in a fair amount of looting and conscription. There is a 10% chance that any character who takes too great an interest in these troop movements will be arrested as a spy. Character may be hired to act as scouts and outriders for a friendly force or to spy on an unfriendly force on behalf of the local rulers.

Local peasants, slaves or foreigners rise up in rebellion, arming themselves with whatever is at hand. Such rebellion tend to end bloodily in D3 months or less (in rural areas) or in D3 days (in urban areas) unless the PC's can intercede to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Robin Hood type heroes might even choose to join the uprising and take on various leadership positions. If so, unless the PCs manage to sway the rulers, D10x10% of the rebels are killed in battle or executed upon capture. However, even in the rebellion is put down there is a 30% chance that the rulers take action to address the concerns of the rebels to prevent such a thing happening again.
Regardless of how the uprising ends, bandit activity and violent crime in the area increases considerably for 3d6 weeks.
The DM may wish to run this event using mass combat rules.

Vengeful Stranger:
A mysterious stranger seeking vengeance for some perceived wrong arrives in the region, looking for a specific individual or small group (50% chance the target of this vengeance happens to be one or more PC's). He finds the foe he seeks 70% of the time and, even if not looking for the PC's in particular, they may find themselves caught up in the action, either as by-standers during an attack or as hired bodyguards for one of the intended victims.

Visitation, Minor:
A minor deity or divine servant appears at a local shrine or temple, delivers a brief message, and disappears. Pilgrim traffic to the site in question increased by 300% for the next D6 years and adding great prestige to all the priests and lay-persons present in the temple at the time.

Visitation, Major: As per the yearly event

Yearly Event: Roll once on the yearly event table to determine this months event.


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