Friday, 23 March 2012


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As some of you regular readers will know, I've been taking part in an excellent WFRP 3rd ed campaign on Thursday nights, diligently recorded by my lovely wife, here.

Last night, the second story arc came to a close after we exposed a false reincarnation of the God Sigmar is suitably  dramatic fashion.

Next week, we begin a new campaign: London Watch for 5th ed Champions.

As we did with the WFRP game, Deranged Scribbler and I enter the ongoing CHAMPIONS campaign at the start of the second series. Almost a year after the London Knights foiled VIPER's attempts to mind-control the whole city (by blowing up the BT tower), London has been suffering from a lack of a dedicated hero team. The campaign of most of the London Knights, with the notable exceptions of French-born hero, Paladin, exposed as a traitor and the power-armoured hero Gryphon.

With the end of the London Knights, London's few remaining solo-heroes have struggled to contain the depredations of the U.K's villains.

I'm playing Arsenal, which explains why there's a little more detail about this character in the write-up. All in all, we seem to have a good mix of specialities. We have two "support" heroes (Arsenal and Chimera) who can lurk around the battleground, hindering (debuffing, in MMO terms) villains and taking on minions willy-nilly. The Gryphon is a no-holds barred Tank with a good few surprises up his sleeve. Ferrous is your typical ranged combat Energy Blaster and the Shadow is a pretty good all-round "Infantry" hero after the likes of Black Panther, Black Widow and Cat-Woman. All in all, a good, well-rounded, balanced team of heroes.
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A certified genius, expelled from every institute of higher learning he has ever attended, Arsenal is a vainglorious party animal who revels in his public identity. A life-long football fan, the Gadgeteer earned his name (and began his career) by saving the life of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke. He funds his activities through a number of corporate sponsorship and advertising deals (Arsenal FC being the most notable). Subsequently, he is viewed as something of  a "sell-out" by the Hero community. Arsenal has an intense rivalry with another corporate-sponsored hero, the web-cam-broadcasting Crusader.

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Wealthy socialite and complete airhead, Chimera has the power to go anywhere, be anyone and make her foes see, hear or feel anything she likes. A master of illusion, Chimera is one of two mutants in the London Watch line-up. Her alter-ego is also likely to become one of the teams major backers. Her true identity (assuming Chimera really is a "she") remains secret.

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Ferrous is a member of one of the oldest known mutant-lineages in the world, though this is a secret he is careful to keep to himself. Gifted with the power to manipulate metal with a though, Ferrous' great power is balanced by his somewhat obvious weaknesses. His true identity remains secret.

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Sole survivor of the London Knights, Gryphon saved the city of London from a VIPER plot at great personal loss. Currently an employee of Am-tech boss Lord Allan Sweet, The Gryphon is an armoured hero of considerable skill and experience. Like Arsenal, The Gryphon maintains a very public identity. His former ties to UNTIL are well known.

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A mysterious cat-like entity, is the Shadow a mutant? An altered hero? Something else entirely? No-one knows. Extremely fast and agile (though not a Speedster, as such), villains dread the swish-crack that heralds the arrival of the Shadow and her lash. Her identity (and even her true power source) remain secret.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warhammer 40K Featured on the BBC

Reading this you would think there aren't any other companies out there bar GW. But then, most non-gamers (and gamer's mums) have only heard of GW after all.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm Alive

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Having started up a new miniature painting business I'm having difficulties keeping up a roleplaying blog, a wargaming blog AND a painting service blog all at once. Naturally, since my job involves painting miniatures, there's a little synergy with the wargaming blog so that tends to be updated more often than the RPG one.

However, I have not been idle on the RPG front either. I have three sessions of the Isle of the Earthshaker to write up (probably in one big summary post rather than the usually detailed write-up) and another session on Monday. Very little has been done with the Oriental OSRIC project for the very simple reason that I'm too darn busy with work and writing my Post Apocalypse skirmish rules. The PA rules might actually bring in some (modest) income while OA will be entirely free. So the money-maker has to take priority in that regard.

Anyway, I hereby affirm that I will pay more attention to this blog in the next few weeks and stop neglecting it.

See you all soon.