Project Ideas and Shopping Lists


Blogging/Publishing Projects:
Zama: City of the Pheonix: Publish a city supplement based around the 200 odd pages of material I have on Zama. Collate it, tidy it up, pick a spot in the timeline to work from (or rather, up to) and publish.

Megadungeon for Zama: Need to expand the Caverns of Thyatis into a whole new megadungeon for my Zama campaign.

Necromancer Spells: Still have seven levels of spells for the OSRIC Necromancer Class to write-up and publish.

Cleric's Survival Guide: Need to write this to finish off the series.

Miniature-a-Day Challenge: Need to start thinking more about what I'm paintiing. The little bit of this army, little of bit of that one, now for some RP figs approach (while holding my interest a little more, I admit) isn't getting anything finished fast.

Fiction Projects:
Sci-fi Novel: Finish the damn thing then get it published
Zombie Novel: Finish the damn thing then get it published.
Zama Novel Series: For god sake finish the damn thing and get it published.
Osiris/Isis Novel: For god sake finish the damn thing before Peate and Moon Publishing break down the door and batter your head with Peate's next manuscript.

15mm Painting Projects:

Israeli Defence Force Armoured Infantry Platoon from GZG

25 mm Painting Projects:
Colonial Marines: Sculpted by Mark Copplestone
Terminator Army: Need to buy and paint up some Talos Units from Scotia Grendel to complete the force.
Modern Civilians: As Terminator Resistance Figures, Colonists and Zombie Survivors.
Zombies: Duh.
25mm Romans: As Arcane Imperium troops for Zama.
Wargames Factory Vikings and Saxons: As generic bad guys
GW LOTR Goblins and Orcs: Nearly done. Will give me a full generci evil wizards army when combined with my undead figures.

Shopping List:

Zama Figures
Wargames Foundry Mythological Greek Collection: 85.00 quid for misc adventurer figs.
Wargames Foundry Ancient Civilians Collection: 85.00 quid for armed and unarmed civilians.
Wargames Factory Amazon Warriors: 19.95 in US dollars. For amazons and female characters.
Wargames Factory Numidians: 19.95 US dollars. For lightly armed characters and NPC's.
Warlord Games Cletic Warriors: 20 quid For Barbarian characters and NPC's.
Warlord Games Ancient Greek Boxed Set:  16 quid For generic armoured and unarmoured characters and NPC's.

Also need more Carthaginian figures to represent Zaman troops and mercenaries.

15mm Sci-fi:
Cut and Assemble an Old fashioned Farm: 9 buildings ideal for 15mm gaming. 14 pounds 94 from Amazon.
The Scourge packs from Rebel Miniatures: Terminators in 15mm
A mechanised platoon of NAC troops from GZG (Commonwealth Armed Forces CAF)
An APC mounted platoon of Earth Force Marines from Rebel Miniatures (USCM Corps)
Aliens from either Rebel Miniatures, Khurasan Minaitures of GZG games.
Inflitrators from Rebel Miniatures (Drop Ship pilots/vehicle crew)
Civilians from GZG
Alien Mercenaries from GZG
A 15mm force from somewhere to represent the Peoples Democratic Communist Socialist Republic of the Two Chinas (Posibly ARC Fleet from Critical Mass).