Sunday, 19 May 2013

Petty Gods

The OSR book, Petty Gods, is finally out! This may not be news to most of you, as it came out last month, but it was news to me! Heka-Kup, Petty God of Hiccups, was my very own creation. Go use him in your games -if you hate your players, that it.

You can read and/or download the book here, on Dropbox;

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Old School Gamers Looking For a Group

Does anyone know of any regular Old School style campaigns played over Google+ or Skype that happen to be looking for new players?  Anything happening even remotely close to the GMT times-zone would do. I'd offer to start up a new game myself, but I don't have a campaign prepared. But if worst comes to the worst, that's what I'll do.

Mind you, I haven't had the pleasure of playing in an old school game (as opposed to running one) for more than a decade, so it would be awesome to get a chance to play.

In the absence of a regular campaign (or even a regular group of players down here in Folkestone). Caroline and I are going slightly nuts (just slightly) for want of a game. I'm almost at the stage where I'm ready to run a few published solo adventures (yes, it's really getting that bad) and she's almost mad enough to let me run her through them!