Friday, 21 February 2014

Farewell to a Successful Campaign.

Well, the OSRIC mega-dungeon play-test with Stuart Marshall has come to an end. Alas. Farewell Aggie, Erik, Thanatos, Njiall, Lan and Lysander. Farewell also to Skael, my first character in the campaign and also the first (and only) character to permanently die, the only other casualty having been raised from the dead successfully.

We've had a blast trying out the new Megadungeon as well as the new character classes and races that Stuart has developed for the game. I'm sorry to see it end. I'd love to be able to dish out some highlights, but I can't give away any spoilers.

At the end of a glorious campaign, only the fire-side tales remain

My favorite moment in the campaign was the sheer delight of Aggie when she found a magical glowing rock. She kept that glowing rock all through our adventures together, and it saved our hide more times than I remember. There were other awesome moments as well, however, but for the sake of spoilers they will have to remain forever between the members of the group.

At least until the book is released.

It's always somewhat sad and poignant when a beloved campaign (as this one was) comes to an end. All the more so because this game was so well run, the campaign so well written, the group dynamics so downright awesome. It was the first campaign I've seen to completion as a player in decades, a real pleasure to partake in. Perhaps all the more so because it was one of the few games in the last fifteen years or so where I've actually been able to play rather than DM.

But with the end of all things, come's the beginning of another. Although we originally gathered as a group of play-testers, we all want to stay together and keep the group running. So I once again find myself in the DM's chair, and dusting off my old Dark Heresy campaign first prepared nearly a year ago.

I'll keep you posted.