Monday, 13 January 2014

Avalon Campaign

Good News! Not only is the play-testing for a certain soon to be published Mega-Dungeon going extremely well (the party has now jumped from 4th to 9th level to playtest some of the important, "mid-game" parts of the adventure) but we're about to start a Monday night game as well.

One of the guys at my local wargaming group is starting his new AD&D second edition game tonight, and put together this great "concept" video to introduce us to the mood and themes of his home-brew campaign setting.

I don't even know what my stats will be yet, but what I do know is that my character is going to be called Marcus Vibius Dentatus. The cognomen (sort of a hereditary nick-name) "Dentatus" mean's "born-with-teeth." Gaius Iulius Ceaser's cognomen meant "a fine head of hair", ironic considering he was balding at the time of his death. So yes, the term "Hail Ceaser" literally meant "Hail to the guy with the good hair."