Zama is my home-brew fantasy campaign world, more than twenty years in the making. It was originally designed for Dungeons and Dragons and has so far undergone momentous in-game events with every single change of edition. However, in as much as it was originally envisioned as a D&D world, it eventually involved into my generic game world, hosting games using rules as diverse as Rolemaster, WFRP 1st ed (heavily modified to suit a sword-and-sandals setting) and most especially RuneQuest.

I won't pretend that Zama hasn't changed and evolved a great deal throughout the years: many truths about previous incarnations of the campaign world have changed a great deal. Back when I first began to create the Lands of the Middle Sea, elves were far different than they are now. But then, so were Orcs, Dragons, Gnomes and many other things besides.

Here you'll find a number of random articles on the subject of Zama, posted irregularly on the blog as the mood takes me (or, if I'm honest, when my muse is on holiday and I can't think of anything new to write).

An Introduction to the World of Zama.
Ltters by Servocles the Slave. (link) 
Cosmology of Zama [link] The Five Planes.

Zama Game Aids: 
Yearly Event Table [link]:
Monthly Event Table [link]
Daily/Weekly Event Table Rural [link] 
Daily/Weekly Event Table Urban [link]

Peoples of Zama:
The Balaerians: (link) [Murderous and Libedonous Mercanaries, Pirates and Brignads]
The Drune(link) [The Death-Cultist Humans of the Underworld]
The Kushans: [link] [Proud Desert Nomads with a Terrible Secret]
The Myceneans [link] [Warriors of the City-States.]
The Pheonixians (link) [The Humans of the Zaman Protectorate and Zamara]

Gods of Zama:
Mycenean Pantheon (link) Dysfunctional Family of Fire and Passion

Nations of Zama:
The Arcane Imperium (link)  [Just a stub at the moment. Will be expanded]

Monsters of Zama:
Cauldron Born: (link) Foul Rapacious Beasts born of dark, sorcerous ritual.

Armies of Zama:
The Bronze Legion: (link) Army of the Zaman Protectorate.