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Sandbox Locations Part III

Part I dealt with the official, canon, adventure locations in the Osric-Harn campaign sandbox, regardless of challenge level. Part II outlined low-level adventure locations which I have inserted into the Sandbox. Here, in Part III, mid-level non-canon adventure locations receive the same treatment.


Said to be located somewhere on the shores of Direna lake, deep within the Felsha Mountain Range. This ancient temple to forgotten magical knowledge was once a school for wizards, some say, the very school where Lothrim learned his dark arts. The Scholam has long been sought by those who wish to uncover arcane lore, but those few who survive the journey -overland or by water- ever speak of the lore they have gained thereby. In recent years, none are known to have returned at all.


Located in the Plain of Towers, a barrow, cenotaph and ruin-ridden landscape surrounding the ancient city of Elkall-Anuz for a league in every direction, this mirror-like stone is said to offer glimpses of the past, present and future to those with the will to seek it.


Also known as White Plume Mountain, Mount Sertu is the highest peak in the Flesha Mountains. Said to be uncomfortably close to the most likely location for Korego, it is known to have an intricate cave system. Local Chelni and Tulwyn legends claim the mountain is not named for it's snow covered peaks, but for the terrible streams of foul smelling smoke and occasional belching flames that spewed from the mountain top long ago.


For centuries, since the armies of Lothrim swept through the mire, the Linor Bog has been a quiet, dreary and empty place. Now though, the Pegaelin and Chelni who once hunted frogs and eels in its murky depths refuse to return. Something is stirring in the Linor Bog. Something dark and evil.


In years long past, before the Linor Bog north east of Tuleme Falls grew to it's present size, the tower known as Baltrons Beacon marked the last navigable water-way through the mire to the mouth of the River Kald. Now, centuries after the last keepers demise at the spells of Lothrim, it's magical, ever burning light is still whispered off in tall-tales from Trobridge to Tashal.


The ancient forest home of the Sindarin has many secrets of its own, for those brave enough to risk the wrath of the Sindarin -and darker things- in their wanderings.


A shrine to a fallen martyr from the War of Sorrows, Elios once said to have once been the greatest of Sindarin poets and lore-keepers. Though the location was kept and warded by the Clan Elios for many years, it's last scions are said to have long since departed this world for another, taking the secret of it's location with them. Located deep within the Shave forest, it should represent a fine prize for any who dare to seek it.


Kjald was among the greatest of the Dwarven smiths. His mighty workshops were located close by the Codominion settlement and silver mine of Lazhul, now thought to be the Gargun hive Korago. The Caverns themselves were hidden from all but a few trust merchants, to better ward the secretive dwarf and his valuable creations. None now know where it may be found.


A site sacred to Halea. Depending on the legend in question, it said to be a haven for those fleeing a bad or loveless marriage or lese a place of welcome refuge for star-crossed lovers; runaways who seek to spend their lives together, regardless of the cost. (Tunnel of Love jokes will get your xp docked. Honest.)

Note: The following two locations are part of the Harn Canon. They are included here in the “mid-level” encounter section because, prior to a certain campaign event, reaching these locations will be all but impossible.


The fabled Kingdom of the Elves is perhaps the greatest centre of magic outside the Kingdom ofMelderyn and home to the most skilled craftsmen outside Azadmere. Astride the banks of a mighty river, few outsiders are ever permitted to reach this most sacred of Sindarin clan-holds. It is said that almost any magic or treasure can be bought or sold here, for the right price and with sufficient patience.


A Sindarin port on the Kald River, only the barest few human merchants are ever permitted to dock and exchange their wares, which thereafter are transported west to Elshavel by the people of Evael themselves. Ulshaven is a port-town much like any other, meaning it can be a rough place. However, foreigners are restricted to a certain quarter of the city, beyond which the settlement is as serene and calm as any other in Evael.

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