Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sindarin: Game System Information


Summary of Racial Abilities:
  • +1 Dex
  • +1 Con
  • Regain twice as many hit points through rest as humans.
  • Cannot be Raised from the dead: Sindarin souls cannot make the transition to the realm of their God without a living, physical body to carry them there.
Any Pulled Bow: +1 to hit
Any Sword: +1 to hit

Infravision: 60ft

Detect Secret Doors:
1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors when passing within 10ft. 2 in 6 to discover secret doors when searching. 3 in 6 chance to discover concealed doors when searching.

Multi-Class Restrictions:
The less restrictive of any two class requirements applies with the following exceptions: Thieving abilities can only be used when wearing armour permitted to that class. Multi-classed magic-users may cast spells without penalty while wearing any armour permitted by their other classes up to and including chain mail.

Permitted Class Options: Cleric (Siem only), Fighter, Illusionist, Magic User, Ranger, Thief, Fighter/Magic User, Fighter/Thief, Magic User/Thief, Fighter/Magic User/Thief

Movement Rate: 120ft

Starting Ages:
Cleric (150 + 5d10), Fighter or Ranger (130 + 5d6), Magic User or Illusionist (150 + 5d6), Thief (100 + 5d6)

Racial Limitations:
Maximum/Minimum ability scores (after adjustment for race) are as follows. If the ability scores fall outside of these ranges then the elf is not a valid character.
Strength 3-18, Dexterity 7-19, Constitution 8 -19, Intelligence 8-18, Wisdom 3-18, Charisma 8-18.

Level Limitations:
Assassin (NA), Cleric of Siem (7), Druid (NA), Fighter (7 with Str 18, 6 with Str 17, 5 with Str 16 or less), Illusionist (unlimited), Magic User (11 with Int 18, 10 with Int 17, 9 with Int 16 or less), Paladin (NA), Ranger (11 with Wis 18, 10 with Wis 17, 9 with Wis 16 or less), Thief (8 with Dex 19, 7 with Dex 18, 6 with Dex 17, 5 with Dex 16 or less)

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