Friday, 1 April 2011

Miniature-A-Day: March Roundup

Last month, starting from the 20th of March, I re-started my miniature-a-day challenge: a last ditch effort to paint a swathe through my considerable lead mountain. This month, I've concentrated on painting miniatures for my forthcoming Tomorrow's War project, in which I paint and collect several small armies for the Tomorrow's War system from Ambush Alley games.

Starting on the 20th gave me eleven painting days this month, and I'm delighted to say I painted 15 miniatures in that time: 5 Copplestone Terminators, 5 Infinity troopers, 4 "Colonial Marines" (repainted Viridians from Urban War) and 1 wizard/illusionist PC for our OSRIC game (which remind me I've still got to write up the last two sessions). Anyway, here are some some pics as provided by my dearly beloved:


scottsz said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I had my eye on those terminators...

Dangerous Brian said...

Thanks Scottsz. EM4 do an additional five models in different poses by the same sculptor. I've ordered ten of them to go with my current five.

Given how downright hard terminators are in the movies, I reckon fifteen should make a challenging opposing force for fifty or sixty resistance fighters.