Monday, 18 October 2010

Just a Tad Embarressed. Never Mind

Whoops. Whose been following people's blogs under the wrong name then, Dangerousbrian? Could it be you. Um, yes.

Seem's I've been following blogs under a name based on the first part of my email address. Not good and not clever. How will people know I've been following their blogs? More importantly, what kind of an idiot puts his email address out and about on the net like that?

Silly me.

There should be a good number of folk out there how now have me listed as a follower under the name "Dangerous Brian." Which can only be a good thing really. Do other bloggers receive notification of these changes of details, I wonder? Or are there still a lot of people out there wondering why the guy who said they would start following their blog never got round to it?

Ah well. I've never claimed to have any clue about how these things work.

Suffice to say, if your blog shows under my "Gaming Blogs" links, then you're being followed by me.


Pontifex said...

I put my address out there and I am no idiot. Besides, I cannot send you an alpha copy of Errant if I can't find your e-mail. :)

Dangerous Brian said...

Er, thats a very good point Greg.
Here it is:
Many thanks in advance. Love the blog by the way.