Thursday 28 October 2010

Sandbox Locations Part II

The following sandbox creations and non-canon for the Harn setting. Many are derived from published adventure sites adapted to the world of Harn, some more obviously than others. These are the low to mid level locations. A third article will cover the mid to high level locations and a fourth will consist of my notes for each location (what lives there, what module it's based on, local politics in the location, that sort of thing) and will be full of spoilers for my players.


An ancient trading settlement built by dwarfs in the years prior to the coming of men on Harn. Situated between the two Dwarven Kingdoms of Azadmere and fallen Kiraz and only a few days travel north of Elvish lands, the Deep gradually declined after the coming of the Atani. With the invasion of these fierce humans, roads became dangerous and in time the Sindarin abandoned the land of Harn to men,secreted themselves away in their woods. Dweomerdeep continued to see trade between the two Khazdul Kingdoms, however, yet it was one of the first Khazdul settlements to be sacked during Lothrim's's war against the dwarves of Kiraz.


A temple to the God Agrik, founded by followers of Lothrim near the zenith of that wizards power. When the dwarfs defeated Lothrim, his empire fell apart, affording the Tulwyn and Chelni an opportunity to rid themselves of the hated sect and their tithe of child gladiators.


Another ancient site, built by elves and dwarfs, the site had been plundered and left in ruins by the invading Atani, who treated it with a certain reverential awe, shunning it thereafter. Lothrim built atop the network of cellers and storage rooms which remained in the foundations, creating his infamous Palace of Repose, a dwelling place for his lovers and concubines and a place of reward and relaxation for those of his followers who served him well.. Rumoured for many years to lie in close proximity to Trobridge, if any travellers have found it, they have kept it's location secret as yet.


A craggy hill overlooking the Salt Route, Bald Hill is home to a number of small caves, sanctuary to brigands, Gargun and worse. Many of the caves are unoccupied at various times of the year, but the lie uncomfortable close to Trobridge. Both Terlin the Innkeeper and Kurson Ondailis the would-be knight of Trobridge regularly send expeditions to the Hill to clean out the caves.


The Ghost Tower of Ekall-Anuz is said to move regularly from one world to the next. Certainly, it often stands in the ruined city of the same name, but travellers insist that on other visits, sometimes as little as a week later, the Tower has vanished from the ruins, only to appear again at some later date. Seemingly without pattern.


A series of caves once used by the Jarin to bury their dead, now shunned as a haven for undead, Ivashu and worse, Some of the caves are said to be connected, Most have been sealed and resealed over the decades and centuries by adventurous Tulwyn, but at any given time at least half a dozen seals lie broken and open, the contents defiled or stolen.


The ruins of a an outpost overlooking the pass. Dates from the Tyranny of Lothrim period. Though remarkably intact, its gate-less entryway , twisted portcullis and two large rents in the north (Salt Route facing) wall of the keep make it appear uncomfortably like a skull. Once a common (and popular) camp site for caravans, those who once used it began to report a number of disturbing disappearances over the last few years and have since taken to giving the site a wide berth.

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